We pride ourselves on self-delivery and best practice across the project lifecycle. VVB validates installation against design in real time, ensuring potential issues are identified early, and solutions implemented.


Candid communications to keep things simple

Candid communication means greater efficiency. We liaise directly with third-party service providers to keep things straightforward.


Installation through innovation

Our proven methodology flexes to individual projects, and trial installations ensure delivery is right first time, in line with our support of GIRI.


Efficiency through optimisation and collaboration

We work alongside other contractors to optimise programme delivery and efficiently ensure best practice.

Self-delivering for full accountability

Our approach to installation considers other project phases and third-party suppliers. This ensures your project is delivered on time and on budget.

  • Throughout installation, we’re validating the design, maintaining assets, and carrying out testing, to highlight any potential issues upfront, and minimise time spent in later project phases
  • We provide Temporary, Enabling and Permanent Works projects, saving the time and complexity spent managing multiple providers
  • We understand and appreciate other trades, and work flexibly with other parties, coordinating and managing multiple interfaces
  • We don’t subcontract, we fully self-deliver, meaning full control and full accountability.

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