Systems-led Infrastructure

The industry is encouraged to take a systems approach to infrastructure delivery to meet the Transforming Infrastructure Performance targets by 2030. But what does that mean for your role and projects? Take a look at VVB’s practical guidance on how to make a success of systems-led infrastructure.

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Less waste

Early designer involvement improves buildability and sustainability, with fewer rounds of rework.


Greater efficiency

The right specialists are involved at the right time, so each project phase is considerate of the rest, and aligned to a common outcome.


Reduced risk

Front-end planning from key stakeholders provides cost certainty, for reduced risk of overspend or programme overrun.

Systems-led Infrastructure - explained

Our video explains the principles behind the systems approach to infrastructure delivery. Gain a clear overview of the benefits, and learn why the future of engineering and construction is system-led.

Delivering Greater Project Outcomes with Systems-Led Infrastructure

Our long read breaks down the challenge the industry faces and how the systems approach can help us build better infrastructure by 2030. Find out how it can connect project teams and promote an output focus; learn about the role of data and signs of success across the industry.

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Comparing Traditional Project Delivery to Systems-Led Infrastructure

Our infographic runs through a timeline of the traditional project delivery approach, alongside one that’s systems-led. See how this approach works in practice; the benefits of systems-led infrastructure at each key phase; and the improved outcomes it can deliver for your next project.

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The VVB Design for Life Strategy

Rooted in our values, our Design for Life strategy is systems-led and focused on the end result, so we deploy the right specialists at the right time to deliver the project outcomes across the entire Lifecycle.

Our strategy is driven by our values:

  • Care and collaboration Championing teamwork and delivering promises.
  • Ownership and opportunity Providing the best value and leadership.
  • Responsibility and end-result focus Creating a positive legacy.
  • Excellence and end result focus Delivering innovation and value for money.

We’re committed to delivering innovative and sustainable Mechanical, Electrical, Fire and technology solutions for our Clients, our People and our Environment. Earlier engagement allows us to use our values to design buildable infrastructure that delivers successful outcomes for society.

Our Design for Life strategy is driven by our Systems-Led approach:

  • Focusing on outcomes ensures every decision is targeted towards achieving TIP 2030 through net zero, ESG, and delivering operable and maintainable systems.
  • Involving specialists earliermaking data-based decisions, focusing on digitalisation and innovation to identify the best solutions.
  • Reducing programme risk and increasing cost certainty by considering integration, handover and maintenance during design.

Our Design for Life strategy and systems-led approach is both agile and follows a robust process to identify DfMA opportunities:

  • Focusing on digitalisation and incorporating the RIBA DfMA overlay ensures we make the best outcome-driven choice for every component, on every project.
  • It’s bespoke instead of ‘one size fits all’so the right DfMA solution is chosen for the need of the project and its outcomes, designed for life.

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Let’s make a success of the systems-led approach together

By involving VVB as a specialist earlier in the design process, we can partner with you to help focus on Outcomes, building on our success in applying a systems-led approach to infrastructure delivery. We’ll work with you to translate the theory into practice, and deliver systems-led infrastructure with integrity.

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