VVB takes a full lifecycle approach to projects, designing to optimise delivery and service life. We understand the realities of projects, are familiar with actual product features and availability, and design for the real world.


Design that delivers for the project

We design with an eye on innovation, grounded in reality. We understand project implementation, and design to make it straightforward.


Specification that ensures supply

Broad on site experience from installation to maintenance, meaning we understand the features and limitations of the available products.


Recommendations that add real value

We explore the opex implications of our recommendations, so you get genuine value over the design life of your project.

Value engineering from the earliest stages

VVB has experience operating to British, European and International standards, as well as client specific requirements. Our team of design engineers are experts across our four key sectors, and remain on hand throughout installation for timely troubleshooting.

  • Our end-result focus means a seamless transition from design to delivery
  • We design in line with true project requirements, planning something we know we can build
  • We can return to First Principles to validate and improve third party design work

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