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At VVB, our ethical approach is integral to every action we take. Our Mechanical, Electrical, Fire and Telecommunication engineering services are powered entirely by our own people, skills and industry know-how.


Our vision is to deliver sustainable Mechanical, Electrical Fire and Telecommunication engineering solutions. Our approach to projects always takes into account the best interests of our clients, our people and our environment. Our ethical approach assures:

  • Customer-centric self-delivery, thanks to a unique combination of Tier 1 industry knowledge and Tier 2 agility
  • A values-driven, partnership approach that ensures we make the ethical decision, always
  • True sustainability that’s actively considered and built into the design phase of projects.


At VVB, our CORE values shape our behaviour and are apparent in everything we do. Not only are these values central to the entire VVB ethos, each letter represents a pillar of our company vision.

  • C
  • O
  • R
  • E


Proactively caring for people. Our vision is to provide a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all our stakeholders.



Working together for the benefit of all. Our highly skilled, diverse workforce are experts in their fields, and collaboratively deliver value.



Providing consistent opportunity. For our own people, and for the next generation through our Emerging Talent programmes.



Empowering our people to deliver. VVB team members take ownership of their own career development. They're accountable for and considerate of their actions.



Taking responsibility for our impact. We build infrastructure to improve the environment, aiming to go beyond minimising negative impact, to creating environmental benefit.



Everyone matters. We respect the communities in which we work, adding social value wherever possible by tailoring strategies around local socio-economic needs.



Exceeding our promises by 'getting it right'. We create innovative solutions and drive industry improvements, based on a deep understanding of client needs and latest best practice.


End result focus

Achieving the best outcome for all parties. We strive to deliver sustainable, innovative projects which are resilient and future-proof to changing demands.


There are all sorts of routes to get into and progress. Browse some of our people to find out their VVB stories, how you could follow them or start your own.


Group Operations Director

Nick has truly risen through the ranks at VVB, from graduate to director. Here’s what he has to say about his role and VVB’s culture, from over 18 years’ experience managing major infrastructure projects and bringing teams together.

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Senior Sustainability Advisor

Working within our Safe, Sustainable and Wellbeing department, Beth knows our culture better than most. Find out how she’s shaped our sustainability strategy and our team’s attitudes towards mental health, wellbeing and making a difference.

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Project Support Manager

Karolina joined us with a decade of document control experience, which she’s continued to grow in her varied role supporting our projects. Find out how she’s motivated by our leadership, values and culture.

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Project Manager

Ed’s enthusiasm for problem-solving has fuelled his progression at VVB, cutting his electrical engineering teeth on some of our biggest projects, and now supervising them from start to end through project management. Find out what he has to say about his role and VVB’s culture.

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Graduate Engineer

Harsh is one of VVB’s newest recruits, earning a full-time role following a work placement. Here’s what he has to say about his time so far, VVB’s culture and what he’s looking forward to about joining our permanent workforce.

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Electrical Chargehand

Since leaving school, Mark has always known he preferred a hands-on, practical job, so becoming an engineer felt a natural fit. With years of experience and responsibilities under his belt, find out what he has to say about his role and VVB’s culture.

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