Safe, Sustainable & Wellbeing

Our values create a SAFE mindset, they embrace a SUSTAINABLE future, they put our employees' WELLBEING first. At VVB, we are PROACTIVELY CARING for all.


SAFE is doing the right things, at the right time in the right way without compromise. SAFE at VVB includes safety, occupational health, quality and assurance, risk management and accreditation’s:
  • SAFE is VVB planning and delivering works safely
  • SAFE is VVB looking after our people’s workplace health
  • SAFE is VVB delivering right first time and assuring our work to customers’ expectations
  • SAFE is VVB proactively managing all our risks not just the ones that are safety
  • SAFE is VVB having all the correct accreditation’s to work for our customers


SUSTAINABLE is bringing positive impact for our employees, our customers and the environment within the communities we work. SUSTAINABLE at VVB includes environment, social value, EDI, developing talent and responsible business practice:
  • SUSTAINABLE is VVB protecting the environment
  • SUSTAINABLE is VVB delivering social value to the communities we work in
  • SUSTAINABLE is VVB being a diverse, inclusive, and equal employer
  • SUSTAINABLE is VVB recruiting, retaining, and developing talented people
  • SUSTAINABLE is VVB being responsible in all that we do


WELLBEING is supporting and taking care of the physical and mental health of our people, making sure they are well to work now and for the future. WELLBEING at VVB includes agile working, EAP, mental health, employee lifestyle and health benefits:
  • WELLBEING is VVB promoting agile working for employees to support their work/family life balance
  • WELLBEING is VVB supporting our people through our employee assistance programmes
  • WELLBEING is VVB creating a culture of support for mental health
  • WELLBEING is VVB assisting our people in having a healthy lifestyle
  • WELLBEING is VVB providing access for employees to a range of health benefits

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