Enabling Works

We're skilled in the movement and modification of ‘live’ assets to facilitate construction. We can replicate and relocate full or partial systems, from defining your enabling strategy, to delivering a full migration. We'll understand and deliver to your unique operational requirements, minimising disruption throughout.


Enabling a more holistic approach

We analyse Permanent Works design against existing layouts, combining design requirements with civil construction methodology.


Minimal operational interruption

Giving comprehensive consideration to the overall programme minimises disruption. We only relocate or replicate a system where entirely necessary.


Reduced financial outlay

Our third party management and coordination capabilities ensure genuine value over the entire life of your project.

Minimising disruption, maintaining operations, keeping your site running smoothly

In undertaking Enabling, we always take into consideration the operational requirements of your overall facility, and the assets within it. We keep public disruption to a minimum, and your site running smoothly. Our Enabling Works include:

  • Asset relocation projects
  • Modifications and extensions to existing systems
  • Replication of systems to enable the decommissioning of existing assets
  • A full scope clash report process
  • Full system migrations.


Mechanical Electrical Fire Telecomms Facilities Maintenance


We design, install and commission Mechanical schemes, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning to plumbing and pipework solution.

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We specialise in providing high-quality electrical services for our clients, including power generation systems renewable energy systems to temporary site power and lighting.


We design and deliver fire main systems, including pumps, trace heating, lagging and fire hydrants, as well as HVAC, cladding, fire detection and suppression in accordance with ACE guidelines.


We design and deliver communication systems, including telephones, CCTV, data cabling, public address, IP network, radio re‐broadcast, GSM mobile, VoIP, security, signal and access control.

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