Karolina – Project Support Manager

Karolina joined us with a decade of document control experience, which she’s continued to grow in her varied role supporting our projects. Find out how she’s motivated by our leadership, values and culture.

Career background and journey at VVB

I worked in Document Control for 10 years at companies like EDF and Skanska, before I joined VVB in 2015 as a Senior Document Controller on the Crossrail North East Spur Project. My role has gradually expanded and I’ve grown into my current one as Project Support Manager.

I’m lucky that my position lets me be involved in every project that VVB has won, but I think my favourites are within the Rail sector. Clients like TFL, Network Rail or Crossrail are very keen on document control processes and collaborative working which VVB always embraces.

I’m currently working on my ILM Level 3 Leadership qualification, which is being sponsored by VVB as part of the VVBLeader programme.  which will help me build on my management skills. I’m looking forward to putting it into practice.

A typical day in the life of a Project Support Manager

I love that my days are so different and I get to work with every department in VVB. But there are periods of time when I work on specific tasks, such as implementation of new systems or new project start-ups.

My role as Project Support Manager oversees all project support related activities including the oversight of all project and document control related systems, including but not limited to the Asite system and the VVB Timesheet portal.   

The role also has oversight of the IT Administration function, ensuring that all day-to-day IT activities are carried out in accordance with the VVB IT processes and procedures, including the required compliance and governance of all VVB IT assets.

My job involves a blend of analytical, communication and problem-solving skills. I think critically and analyse situations to make sound decisions. My strong interpersonal communication and relationship-building skills help a lot.

Why VVB?

The core values that VVB is promoting are visible in the day-to-day operations and have a massive positive impact on employees and the work we deliver. The commercial, operation and work-winning modules from the VVB Leader programme make us feel more comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels. VVB also has a great, innovative CEO who communicates his vision in a way that inspires others to work towards achieving it.

No matter their level, employees feel valued in all aspects of their lives, including both professional and personal aspirations. Supporting personal goals like “50 Peaks” shows that VVB sees employees as humans. And VVB has the best people I’ve ever worked with in my career! I’ve learned so much while working here and I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had.

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