Harsh – Graduate Engineer

Harsh is one of VVB’s newest recruits, earning a full-time role following a work placement. Here’s what he has to say about his time so far, VVB’s culture and what he’s looking forward to about joining our permanent workforce.

Career background and journey at VVB

I joined VVB on a work placement after studying at Queen Mary University of London. I spent my first 12 months shadowing and completing work for every department: work-winning, engineering, procurement and HR. This gave me excellent knowledge of what makes each essential to running the business effectively.

In September 2022, I was then given the opportunity to work fulltime as a Graduate Engineer, and I’m now based at project locations learning on the job.

VVB has taken the opportunity to sponsor me, so I can work in the UK and apply for indefinite leave in the future. They’ve also given me sponsored membership of IET and a PTS course for professional development.

A typical day in the life of a Graduate Engineer

I’ve most recently been based at a new rail project in Oxford and Slough EFW, utilising my theoretical knowledge in a practical field.

I enjoyed attending the Trainee Programme assessment day as an invigilator where individuals attended with the hopes of securing a trainee role with us. All VVB Invigilators were welcoming and the nervous trainees started to feel relaxed when they realised that the assessment would be manageable. VVB invigilators included directors, site operatives and graduates, which meant the trainees could see that everyone works well together regardless of seniority.

Why VVB?

Working with all departments across the last 12 months has given me many favourite culture moments, as everyone is so friendly.

VVB is a great place to work as you are supported and encouraged to grow by every colleague. Everyone I work with is very friendly and supportive even if I make a mistake, always ready and available any time of the day. You have flexibility to work and are equally encouraged to collaborate, socialise and get involved in charity work to help society.

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