VVB uses an engineered, well-cut, classic 'Swiss 721' supported by a highly crafted digital typeface, 'Montserrat', making modern communication effective.

Text pairings


Swiss 721 Black Condensed

Swiss 721 Bold Condensed

Headlines use Swiss 721 in both forms. This is flexible but be mindful of consistency and text hierarchy.


Montserrat, Medium

Montserrat, Regular

Montserrat, Light

Please don't use other typefaces with the VVB brand.

Text rules

There aren't that many, but there are a few rules that you must follow for consistent typography.

Kerning for

-30 headline kerning

Optically Aligned

Kerning is the letter spacing between the individual letters, and it's important that it is set to -30 for all headlines to maintain consistency.

Please where possible maintain 'optically aligned' kerning, mainly selectable in print software like InDesign.

There will be instances where you can use more relaxed kerning, but only for smaller annotation labels etc.

Leading for

Tight line spacing

Leading is the line spacing and this is a bit more demanding, as there is no exact rule but it needs to be tight.

Tight line spacing

Kerning for
body copy

0 body copy kerning

The kerning for Montserrat is set at '0'.

Optically aligned where possible.

Leading for
body copy

+4 body copy leading

Leading is the line spacing and we use rules of four, so we +4 on any specific type size. This gives us nice control over vertical type spacing.

Add 4px to font size. 32/36 18/22 14/18

Label options

For headline and statement use ONLY, when you need a bit more punch. There's no real rule as to when you use this feature, only rules on how it is produced.

Large 'branding' heading with blue background. The gap between the text and the background edge is 16px

16px global padding main rule

16px is the amount of padding we use for label headlines universally.

If common sense rules 16px impossible, due to spacing, use a lower value of 8px.

Small 'branding' heading with blue background. The gap between the text and the background edge is 8px
Enabling the infrastructure

For print applications follow these principles

'Proactively' heading using the 16px spacing rule

Draw a square unit that is 16px to use as markers, then apply a ruler that is offset and makes up the label. Once you have done this for one word, a rule is set for that specific type size - and you just type normally.

Weight: 78.5pt, Left indent: -4.5mm, Offset: -22mm, Right indent: -5.5mm

Vision text

For illustrative purposes only, and used sparingly, but this technique helps with adding depth and importance to specific text.

Establish the understructure with structure

Text hierarchy

Text hierarchy tells the reader where to look first, and which information is most important. Consider what you want to say, and where.

A double spread magazine advert for VVB