Our brand system is built to be flexible enough to be dynamic across all channels.

We have developed a number of devices that maintain our distinctive and cohesive look and feel in motion.


Logo motion

Icon motion

Type motion

Motion principle

Applying a specific motion principle to all our video assets creates a consistent look and feel that enhances the brand. The motion principle is built on a thorough exploration of how the direction and intent of movement can most effectively complement our visual assets.

The motion principle provides an overview that should guide the animation and interaction of any of our brand elements.

The motion graph represents the double speed motion which all our motion assets are built on. It echoes the mechanical and engineering feel of our branding.

Video supers

We have two versions of our supers, which should be used as introductory text on videos.

Positive: uses white circles, and should be used on darker backgrounds.

Negative: uses blue circles, and should be used on lighter backgrounds.

Focus device

Use this to draw focus to specific areas of the frame, to illustrate and animate communication.

Effects & transitions

Transitions are to be used to move between footage. All our transitions use the logo in motion. We have two versions. The first version that runs quickly from right to bottom to left. The alternative, longer version shouldn't be used for shorter videos.

Lower thirds

We have two variations of lower thirds - left and right. Don't use different lower third treatments within one piece.