The bedrock of our brand

Our brand is built on shared values and integrity. We do the right thing by our people, our clients and our projects, in that order.

Our people

Our most valuable asset, and treated as such. Safety is the first priority on site, and we protect the physical and mental health of our employees above all else.

Our projects

We think strategically, maintain an end-result focus and make decisions that create long-term value.

Our communities

Social value KPIs are a key part of our project reporting, and we strive for a positive net social value for all our projects.

Our environment

We assess and minimise environmental impact and climate change contribution on all projects, striving towards net zero climate change effect.

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Who we work with

VVB empowers the creators of tomorrow’s infrastructure. We work collaboratively with end-users and Tier 1 contractors in Rail, Highways, Power, and Tunnels, to enable the everyday.

We provide a full lifecycle approach to projects, keeping an eye on delivery from the earliest design phase, ensuring each stage of construction is considerate of the rest, and minimising misalignment between stakeholders.

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Relevant resources


Our sustainability strategy

Acting sustainably positively impacts our short and long term value.


Our PC4P programme

A peer-to-peer 'no name, no blame' approach to onsite safety.