National Grid Power Tunnels (LPT1)

National Grid embarked upon a seven‐year project to construct a deep underground tunnel network across London, installing 200km of high voltage cabling to meet increasing electricity demand and create renewable energy possibilities.


Design, Installation and Testing and commissioning

Project Value

£10 - 20 million



The London Power Tunnels project involved the construction of an East to West tunnel drive from Willesden in North West London, to Hackney in East London. A North to South tunnel running from Kensal Green down to Wimbledon  was also constructed.

Throughout the design and pre-construction phase, VVB provided technical knowledge and experience to all elements of the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) systems. This proactive approach enabled substantial time savings against the expected completion date, as well as substantial cost savings, while maintaining a live station and keeping disruption to a minimum.

The LPT1 project created a new 32km electricity super-highway deep below the capital, keeping Londoners connected to safe and reliable electricity supplies. The main tunnel drives were completed in March 2015 and the rest of the project was fully operational in 2018.

The scope of works VVB has undertaken includes the following;

M&E site establishments

VVB provided the temporary M&E systems associated with the tunnel works, including the maintenance of the tunnel boring machines (TBMs). We also undertook design and installation of the temporary HV power supplies for operating the TBMs, tunnel lighting, ventilation, and mechanical services including cooling, fire‐main and drainage.

Management of the M&E design process

VVB managed procurement and installation of the M&E systems, including Tunnel Ventilation Systems, electrical distribution, lighting, CCTV, security, fire systems, distributed temperature sensing systems, HVAC, the tunnel vehicle system (monorail), radio communications, SCADA, drainage, and hoists.

Testing and commissioning of all M&E systems

VVB will commission all LVAC systems to a VVB/NG developed National Grid TP106 commissioning procedure as well as handover and training of all National Grid operational personnel.

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