Health, safety and wellbeing

Safety is paramount, and VVB has always promoted a pro-active safety culture. We build safety into project plans and programme delivery. We're committed to minimising risk and protecting our people’s physical and mental health.

Our commitment to behavioural safety

VVB has developed and continues to maintain a safe workplace for everyone. To continue to lead the industry in our approach to safety, we developed an ABC-structured behavioural based programme, called Proactively Caring for People (PC4P), that identifies human and mental health problems proactively, to avoid potential accidents.

VVB is committed to:

  • Proactively driving a shift in approach to empower site personnel to identify and eliminate unsafe behaviour
  • Sharing our own expertise and staying abreast of industry best practice
  • Participating in industry working groups and presentations where we can either add value or learn something valuable.

Peer-to-peer safety reporting

Reinforcing positive actions improves workplace safety.

PC4P is an entirely anonymous programme. We’re proud of this ‘no name, no blame’ approach to onsite safety. Through peer-to-peer observations, voluntary behavioural champions assess and provide feedback and coaching on workplace behaviours. This contributes towards:

  • Improving engagement in reducing workplace injuries and accidents
  • Promoting safer work environments
  • Building positive safety attitudes
  • Enhancing communication between site teams and management
  • Encouraging coaching, education and teamwork
  • Tackling overall health, safety and wellbeing improvement.
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Protecting mental health

We value and protect our people’s mental health as highly as we do physical. We ensure safety is the first priority on site, and protect the health of our employees above all else.

Men working in the construction industry are at the highest risk of suicide: this is something we take very seriously and feel a sense of responsibility to change. Our teams have access to a range of mental health support services, and we’re Mates in Mind supporters. We commit to continuing the conversation and being the change.

Here’s a short video we made for World Suicide Prevention Day.

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