Corporate responsibility

We act ethically, always. We're committed to building Infrastructure with Integrity, and consider our people, projects, communities and the environment in every decision made and action taken.

Taking our responsibilities seriously

Our business is built to take the ethical action, always.

Our people: our most valuable asset, and treated as such. Safety is the first priority on site, and we protect the physical and mental health of our employees above all else.

Our projects: strategic thinking and an end result focus mean we make decisions that create long-term value.

Our communities: social value KPIs are a key part of our project reporting, and we strive for a positive net social value for all of our projects.

Our environment: we assess and minimise environmental impact and climate change contribution on all projects, striving towards 50% carbon reduction by 2025.

Making sustainable decisions

We believe that acting sustainably positively impacts our short and long term value. From putting health and wellbeing first, to minimising environmental impact, to creating social value for local communities, we strive to make sustainable decisions at every phase in a project’s lifecycle.

  • We undertake socio-economic needs analysis of project locations based on education, homelessness, housing, health, inequality, income and employment
  • We’re working to design out carbon through a circular economy approach
  • For every ten site safety observations reported, we plant a tree
  • Our recruitment strategy focuses on local and diverse resource engagement.

Read more about our 2025 sustainability strategy here.

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